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You don’t need to lose everything to find yourself

Amanda Chen is a speaker and consultant for high achieving professionals. She teaches a healthy approach to entrepreneurship for non-entrepreneurs. 

Programs for:

aspiring entrepreneurs

university students

corporate professionals

No one should have to hide themselves in order to please others.

Are you or your team experiencing…

This is what happens when you’re too worried about what other people think of you, and feel like you can’t trust in your own ability to make the right decisions.

Here’s how it goes. You’ve got a deep passion for something that you want to explore, but you’re not sure how the people in your life are going to respond.

Will your friends, colleagues, family, or boss support you?


So, you’re conflicted about how to move forward. You feel paralyzed. You get stuck.


That makes you feel hopeless, like you’ll never be able to move forward. Like there’s no way you can make your passion a reality without disappointing others. So you feel like you have to choose: yourself, or the acceptance of others.  


Which, in turn, makes you feel even more stuck. More hopeless.


And the cycle continues.


But what if you didn’t have to lose everything to find yourself?


What if you could pursue your passion without compromise?


Let’s talk.


the unexpected value of abandoning the plan

Available as a keynote, workshop, or consulting program

We all have a passion we want to explore. But with so many cultural factors and societal expectations, it can be hard to separate what we want and who we are from what others want and expect from us. So we either give up what we really want and give in to the demands of others, which leads to unfulfilled professional lives. Or we overvalue the approval of others which leads to poor decisions and low self-worth. What if we could find ourselves without losing everything? In this program, you’ll learn how.


Miss Amanda Chen is a burned out entrepreneur turned speaker and consultant for high achieving professionals. When she realized that her goals were not her own, she walked away from her company at the peak of success. With nothing left to lose she discovered the true power in abandoning the plan and opening up to unexpected opportunities. Now she teaches non-entrepreneurs how to adopt a healthy approach to entrepreneurship.

award winning speech: 
the chase for freedom

it all started with a pinch of salt.

I didn't aspire all my life to be the Queen of Salt. No one could tell me that one day I would dominate the world of flavoured salts and sugar garnishes for cocktails and become a social media influencer sponsored by some of the most luxurious alcohol brands.

I built Salty Paloma six years ago with zero understanding of business, operations and product development. Over the past year I launched cocktail classes that were one of the hottest "things to do" in Toronto. Following COVID-19 I've developed virtual experiences for all my services.

Today I give back to aspiring creative entrepreneurs the advice and guidance I wish I had when I was starting out. As your personal coach I'll be your #1 cheerleader to get you out of your own way and live the best version of your life.



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yvonne langen


Amanda provides great structure for entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. She is a great listener and helps you to define and focus on your purpose, and clearly articulate your unique value proposition.


Christina Underhill


Amanda is not only an inspiration herself, but also she is able to take those skills and help you find them within yourself as well. She helped me find the confidence to take space and put together an actual plan on how to move forward. Genuinely so grateful for these sessions and the seeds they planted.

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Working with Amanda has given me so many valuable tools to set myself up for daily, weekly, and long-term success. By helping me to harness my strengths while also identifying areas for improvement, I felt more focused on my goals, and have a renewed excitement for facing and overcoming challenges.


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