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The Miss Amanda Chen Show

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No reason to stay is all the reason to go.


Follow Amanda on her journey unravelled living life as it comes in Mexico in Season 5: Learning How to Live.


Never doing too much, my presence is enough.

I have lived a lot of lives in my short life. But which life is truly mine? One day i gave up on chasing the dream, quit working altogether, bought a one-way ticket to Mexico and now I spend the rest of my days just doing whatever the f*ck I want. Usually that results in a lot of nothing, with the occasional earth crumbling beneath my feet experiences. I have never looked back since and I can honestly say, I have never felt more alive.


Season 5

Learning how to live.

Ex-journalist turned retired entrepreneur turned motivational coach and speaker Amanda Chen is an expert in curiosity and now living in Mexico. Last year she bought a one-way ticket and never looked back. She’s tried everything in order to reach success and live the dream, only to realize that the dream she was chasing was never really hers. Realizing she has spent her whole life learning how to work, this season is focused on learning how to live.


Each episode Amanda dives into what she calls the journey unravelled, in unlearning patterns, detaching from social concepts and generating pure self love. Join her as she questions why you do the things you do, why are you even thinking about doing anything in the first place, and how to find peace and just be.


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