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empowering you to live a life with purpose

I have been in transition forever. As a teenager I always wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw and write for a magazine. Reaching my goal covering the beauty section at Cosmopolitan Magazine in London, England, I was only 23 years old with so much more to give. So I dreamed bigger.

I then went into copywriting, entered the ad world, moved into the digital space, working on social media strategies and influencer marketing. From there I decided I'm tired of chasing someone else's dream and started living out my own.

I launched my own business, Salty Paloma, as a way out. What began as a side hustle to sell my own products, I launched a series of services, developed brand partnerships and now I'm dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs live out their dreams.

Join me in the journey to live life literally.

Do everything you say you want to do. And do it your way.


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