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100 Masked Men

With nothing to lose, a loud feminist sits down to interview 100 anonymous men about masculinity, fear and self worth.

No judgment. No self promotion.

With these men masked, we remove the need to fulfill the expectations of others based on what we look like and who we are in society. Without names or faces, these interviews focus only on unique perspectives, personal stories and real conversations to help us better understand each other.


What's up, Man?

Why this woman is taking a back seat.

Welcome to the Miss Amanda Chen show! Join me as I unpack and explore the ideas, stories and experiences behind the definition of masculinity and how this is defined through the interactions with women.


Do you have to "conquer" her in order to "be a man?" What religious, cultural and social environmental aspects are involved in defining your role in society?

Trust me, sitting down to just LISTEN to a guy sounds painful enough, but this is the start in gaining trust and helping men feel safe with me so that I might finally get the chance to be heard in return. Wish me luck.


I can talk until I'm blue in the face about women's issues and what needs to change, but how can we expect change from a gender that simply can't relate? This show brings us back to the drawing board - let's uncover what lies behind the masks we wear in fear of others not accepting our true authentic selves, and how that affects our most important relationships.

Silhouette of Man

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Book Amanda to speak about all that she has learned after interviewing 100 random men from all around the world. Check out her most recent speaking moments below.

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